​Redi-Gro - Blackfoot, Idaho
     Tank farm fabrication and installation

Roskam Baking - Grand Rapids, Michigan
     Conveyor fabrication and new dryer installation

Service Packing - Los Angeles, California
     New freezer piping and installation

J.R. Simplot Co. -  Aberdeen, Idaho
     Fabrication of condenser platform
     Installation of condenser

J.R. Simplot Co. - Beijing, China
     New french fry line installation

 J.R. Simplot Co. - Caldwell, Idaho
     Installation of new opti-sort equipment
     New batter fry line installation
     Conveyor fabrication

J.R. Simplot Co. - Grand Forks, North Dakota
     Complete new sorter area
     Stainless steel fabrication and installation

 J.R. Simplot Co. - Grand Rapids, Michigan
     New cutter deck line installation

J.R. Simplot Co. - Hermiston, Oregon
     New batter equipment installation

J.R. Simplot Co. - Nevada
     Tank fabrication

J.R. Simplot Co. - Pasco, Washington
     New engine room and freezer piping
     New compressor installation

Simplot Meats - Nampa, Idaho
     New engine room and piping for 40 coolers
     New packaging area

S.S.I. Food - Wilder, Idaho
     New compressor room and freezer installation

Weight Watchers Food Co. - Pocatello, Idaho
     Natural gas piping and equipment installation
     New freezer installation

Wilbur-Ellis - Blackfoot, Idaho
   Tank farm fabrication and installation

Idahoan - Lewisville, Idaho

     Plant maintenance

     Guard rail fabrication / installation

​​American Gourmet - Ogden, Utah
er piping and installation

Avonmor - Gooding, Idaho
     Installation of new boiler and piping

Basic American Foods - Tulelake, California
     Complete flake plant rebuild

Bingham Co-Op - Blackfoot, Idaho
     Tank farm fabrication and installation

Driscoll Potato -  American Falls, Idaho
     Installation of sorter equipment
     Fabrication of conveyors and even-flow bins

Great Western Malting - Pocatello, Idaho
     Complete flake plant rebuild
     Fabrication and installation of two 130' bucket elevators

Kimberly-Clark - Ogden, Utah
     Fabrication of aluminum structures.

Lamb-Weston - American Falls, Idaho
     Fabrication and installation of boiler piping
     Installation of new opti-sort equipment
     Fan and ductwork fabrication and installation
     New special products line installation

     Truss repair

​     Tension rod installation

Lamb-Weston - Richland, Washington
     New peeler area installation

Lamb-Weston - Twin Falls, Idaho
     Install pre-heaters and piping

     On-going plant maintenance

Blaine Larsen Processing -  Hamer, Idaho
     New peeler area installation

Ore-Ida Foods - Burley, Idaho
     Miscellaneous equipment installation
     New batter fry installation

J.R. Simplot Co. - Heyburn, Idaho
     New ductwork and A.M.U. fabrications and installation
     New packaging area

Ore-Ida Foods - Ontario, Oregon
     New batter line installation

Redi-Gro - Blackfoot, Idaho
     Tank farm fabrication and installation

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